His Eminence, Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

St. Francis de Sales Oratory
Te Deum and Solemn Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament
Reception for Cardinal Burke
January 8, 2011

View of the altar before the Te Deum.






Beginning words by Msgr. Schmitz



With Canon Apple


All photographs property of MotherCrab

8 thoughts on “His Eminence, Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke”

  1. Thanks to all of YOU! I apologize for my lack of height resulting in lots of shots of people's shoulders and backs of heads. I should have handed the camera to Timman. And, I don't know how to retouch photos yet!I will also be individually emailing the 3 million shots I took of friends later today.

  2. These are some great photo's! I believe you are the one who introduced yourself to my wife and I. That was very kind. We'll have to talk pictures sometime.

  3. JJR, I tried to come up with a funny retort, but they were all uncharitable and trite. I can do that in person.Phil, yes, I introduced myself to you and your wife! Your photos were enjoyable, too. Wasn't that a beautiful night? Isn't the lighting almost impossible?

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