The parallel universe visit of Cardinal Burke

A couple of days ago I posted all of these wonderful photos of Cardinal Burke’s visit
to St. Francis de Sales Oratory.  I think those were 8 of 200 photos I took.
What you HAVEN’T seen are the parallel universe photos that I did NOT post.  These photos look like they are in St. Francis de Sales, but it is really a parallel universe St. Francis de Sales.
 It is by no means the real thing. Nope. Nu-uh. Nyet. Nein. No(n).

Wow, look at all of these Knights.  Oh wait, you can’t. 
It’s all just a huge blurrrrr!

Hey, did anyone get any shots of people’s heads?  I really wanted to see heads.
Heads? Anyone? Heads?

Awwww, I was really hoping to get MORE pictures of heads.
 Oh well, this will have to do.

I love this photo and all of the priests in it.
This would have been the best picture!!!!!
I’m going to go find some more heads.  I’m reaaaaaallllly good at that.

He was moving at the speed of light.
He had hands to shake and photos to snap.

I KNEW it was impossible for him to do all of that work himself!
He has the Mini Me of Three!


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