Dear Single Grad Student

It is now time for another rendition of “Dear Single Grad Student.” I would really rather have “Dear Abbé” (no offense, SGS), so, if there are any Abbés out there who would like to have a segment on this oh-so-popular blog, please let me know. It would help if I knew you, you were funny, and got permission from your superiors.  I just KNOW you could answer questions about the returning cappa magna and larger than life catafalques.  On to the letter!

Dear Single Grad Student,

What is the best way to get out those stubborn grease stains from clothes?

The Laundress

Dear The Laundress,

One of the following five usually works for me:
1) Buy a new shirt.
2) Wear sweaters over stained pieces of clothing so that no one will see.
3) Become an Abbé so that you will always wear black and no one will know if you have spilled anything.
4) Pray a novena.
5) Give the stained article of clothing to Mrs.K to wash for you.

I hope this helps.

Single Grad Student


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