73 degrees here today! Time to grill!

With apologies to my non-meat eating friends (and I can only think of 2 – one is in Germany (rhymes with Main Heart) and the other in Brazil), I present to you what happens when I get a hankerin’ for some steak on the grill and put a call in to my hubby.

JJR hearts beer.

Is this too rare?

The wildest thing is that my back yard is still covered with ice!  What a wild winter!


9 thoughts on “73 degrees here today! Time to grill!”

  1. PMKD,Please note the shape of the beer glass. An artisan can only work with the tools provided, and a misshapen beer mug will cramp the style of even the best beer pourers.JJR

  2. Sorry, I have to side with the Pecklets. That glass was adequate for a good pour. It was err on the side of the server.On to more important topics like the beer/cow and cow/beer deal.I have never been to India before but you may be on to the REAL reason they don't eat their cows.Anybody up for a trip?

  3. For some strange reason I can't seem to let this post go!I know what you need to say the next time you feel like grilling and drinking.I won't tell you where I was when this stroke of genius hit and no I was not drinking.."It's steer n' beer dear!".

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