Circus Shaped Waffles and Life with Boys

My daughter, Miss Gluten Free, is presently making her own waffles with gluten free Bisquick in the kitchen.  Of course, everyone is crowding around her and I am making suggestions and asking questions from the living room such as, “Don’t get burned! Don’t catch on fire! Are you studying your Chronology while you’re doing this?”

Circus Shaped means waffles that are SUPPOSED to look like elephants, lions and, shudder, clowns.


We like ’em extra crispy around here.


A beautiful gluten free elephant if I ever saw one.

Boy: Well, I just burned my finger on the waffle iron.
Mom: I told you not to touch it!  If you burnt it, you need to put ice on it.
Boy: I didn’t really burn it.
Mom: You can’t say things like that!  It’s not funny!
Boy: (in a sort of sing-song voice) I’m not laughing.


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