Nighttime vs. Daytime

I link to a few blogs over on the right.  I should add a few more and I’ll get on that.  But, for now, let’s look at 2 of them because I, Mother Crab, ended up sandwiched between the two.  Let me explain.
The Timman from St. Louis Catholic invited me, my super significant other, and someone who shall remain nameless, but I’ll just call him Captain Awesome, to Arch Madness with him and his lovely wife.  The excitement of the evening was palpable as it was college basketball and some guy’s knee moved to the outside of his leg.  I don’t think it’s supposed to do that.  But I digress.  I’ve decided the theme of the evening was beer.  And they were big.
Captain Awesome’s beer

This may have been Captain Awesome’s other beer.
It took 2 men to hold it, it was that big.
The following day I was invited to a lovely tea party where Natalie from Vin de Peche made all of the food.  I will tell you that the homemade scones, homemade wine jellies (from Mrs. H – she rocks), creme fraiche, warm mushroom salad (yum!), cookies, strawberries, lime custard, and tea were OUTSTANDING.  The theme of this outing wasn’t beer.  Juxtapose, if you will, the photos and see for yourself.
No beer here.

If you close one eye, that glass in the back looks like it could be filled with beer.
But it’s not.


Look at the attention to detail with the butter! 
Mrs. Mc. really outdid herself with her table setting.
That is not a pitcher of beer on the left.

Natalie’s wonderful beer cookies, paired with beer strawberries and beer lime custard.

Now, before Timman gets a complex, I want him to know that I really had a great time at the game.  Once I was there I realized that I really do not get out in the general public much.  My life has become somewhat  insulated and I attribute that to my agoraphobia, stage in life.  Little kids = Tired mom.  And, Timman’s wife considered the basketball game a date so I know SHE doesn’t get out much either.  Kindred spirits we are.


One thought on “Nighttime vs. Daytime”

  1. I did enjoy hanging out with you all, even if I didn't participate in the beer drinking activities and in spite of witnessing that rather stomach-turning knee injury. (The poor guy!) What a fun evening. We really should do another "double date" again — and very soon!

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