I absolutely love Easter.

Unfortunately I did not bring my camera to the Easter Vigil but the shroud removal was exceptional
this year. St. Anthony gave J and Abbe a little trouble, but I figure if we don’t have any
falling statues or candle fires, we’re good.
Since I am better with photos than I am with words (or, as the formally inestimable Steve Martin said, “Some people have a way with words.  Other people, oh, not have way.”) I will now present to you my Easter day.
Waiting anxiously for the Easter egg hunt to begin.
The tension was palpable.

Oh!  A scale!
Should we see how our Lenten fasts went?

The sure face of victory.

I made the lamb cake.
For future reference, if you ever eat one of my lamb cakes beware
of the deadly toothpicks found in the ears.
I believe that is good beforehand knowledge.

I see an egg!
It’s not a tumor!

The effort to find Easter eggs was quite lacking.

Well, she was trying, anyway.

The most appropriate response to Mickey’s that I have ever seen.

Now if someone would just post on veiling my week would be complete!


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