Poetry contest

Please enter the 1st Annual Crabby Mom Poetry Contest.
All I need you to do is to write a poem.  My theme is going to center around my health,
 or lack there-of. Let me give you some examples:
“Nature’s remedy”
Fevers and coughing
Waiting for health to return
Mickey’s anyone?
“This is the stupidest poem ever.”
There once was a crab, this is true!
Who had turned one different hue
Oh try as she may
She just would not stay
The color of Institute Blue
I will have some sort of prize. I’m not sure what, yet.  It’ll be fantabulous, though.

9 thoughts on “Poetry contest”

  1. [Blogger's note – I had to edit this!]There was an old woman who did insist that we write these poems to give her a laugh but all she got was another attack. She boasted away at her blue looking jell-o but what she really was wanting was a compassionate fellow.Praying for you, Mrs. Hall

  2. (Mickey Mouse Theme Song)Who's the sacristan of our glorious church, St. Francis de Sales Oratory?A-B-B E-A-W- E-S-O-M-EHey there, high mass, low mass, we're as accomodating as can be!C-A-N O-N-W I-E-N-E-RLatin Mass!(Gregorian Chant!)Latin Mass!(Gregorian Chant!)Together we can raise your soul so high, high, high!Who's the priest that I forgot? Oh yes, it's Canon LagavulinH-U-B – Be at de Sales at 8 and 10 on SundaysE-R-F – If not, you'll regret it!I-E-L-D Yeah!Love,Mother Crab

  3. Old Mother CrabWent to the labTo get her poor brain a haiku.But when she got there,Her lab was quite bare,"There's not one here that I like-u!"I'm winning my own contest.

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