Life with Boys. Olé.

Yesterday my son had something he really needed to tell me:

Son:  Mom, you know that girl who was really mean to me that one time at tennis?  The one who called me an idiot?

Mother Crab: Of course, I remember, my darling little boy. How could I ever forget the wrongs that you have encountered?  I AM Italian, don’t you forget.

Son: Well, she was much nicer at the last class.

Mother Crab: Oh? How did you become friends?

Son: We talked about tacos.

Photo credit Piccolaitaliana

One thought on “Life with Boys. Olé.”

  1. Hmmm…. So that's what I am doing wrong. Fortunately, my diverse ethnic background will enable me to wax eloquent on the subject of tacos with any girl for any length of time.HP

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