Summer at the Oratory

Yesterday was our annual Summer at the Oratory at St. Francis de Sales.  I will admit to the world that not only did I not help one teeny bit, I was probably a hindrance, intruding on others with my camera.  Bwah -ha-ha.  The people who DID plan it did an outstanding job.  I was so very impressed!

And now, for your entertainment, is my photo montage of yesterday’s festivities.  Enjoy!


Not spiffy.

Canon Wiener wows the adoring crowds.

Fortunately for all of us, beer ISN’T just for breakfast anymore.

Canon Huberfeld felt a little stress at the beginning of the dunk extravaganza.

Sooooo close.

Abbe Alex has great follow through

Post dunking.

Canon H tries his hand at dunking Canon W.

Canon W goes under!

Obligatory shot of the tower.

Theology grad student against history grad student.
Theology wins!

I remained lazily seated, snapping photos and watching others clean.

All intellectual conversation ended as soon as I brought out my camera.

6 thoughts on “Summer at the Oratory”

  1. I am shocked and appalled that any intellectual conversation was going on during the day. Where is the outrage? Where is the Timman? Great day! Great photos! Thank you Crabby.

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