Because God Told Me!

Yesterday I went to a city grocer with HP. This place is right across the street from St. Cronan’s and draws characters. There was a woman there who was obviously a bit “touched.” She told a woman who came in that her hair looked like Mr. T’s. Well, to be fair, this woman who came in with her 20 year old grandson WAS sporting a mohawk.

I picked up some Companion herb crostini to make a little bruschetta. This woman (not Mrs. T) came up to me and said, “Oh, is that garlic bread?” and I said, “No, it’s actually herb.” She replied, “Herb! I knew it was herb. You know how I know? Because God told me!”

So, if anyone has any questions they would like answered, just shoot me a comment and I’ll see what she says. She might just be there next Thursday, too.

6 thoughts on “Because God Told Me!”

  1. How Providential!I just purchased a new Latin curriculum for my eldest son. The Teacher's Manual that I bought (per the Syllabus instructions) does not have an answer key for even one section of the textbook. And my Latin is not that good. (Though my son is pleased because he can't do his Latin schoolwork now.)Maybe I can give you the textbook to take along on your next shopping trip?

  2. Hootiecootie, I know, I know. It just came out of nowhere and caught me off-guard. I think lottery numbers may be a part of my question to her…Sharon, Latin? I mean, c'mon, do you think God speaks Latin???

  3. I received this comment and had to edit it a bit. My readers are just so loving and witty and enjoy making fun of me.First comment:Of course God doesn't understand Latin. Latin is ______. ______ 2 said so.2nd comment:This woman that you met sounds like quite the theologer.Because I care,ANONYMOUS

  4. I'm going to hazard a guess. Please read the following with a valley girl voice. Ahem.You like white celery because it's crunchy and you don't like green celery because it's stringy.I will double check with ol' what's her name on Thursday.

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