Pontifical Solemn High Mass with His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

Look at all of those beautiful side altars.
I’m not sure if they are used any longer.

Thanks to the ever-resourceful JJR, I have photos from today’s Pontifical Solemn High Mass with Cardinal Burke!
The glorious event took place at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis, MO with the Institute of Christ the King (which is obvious when you see the blue cassocks worn by our servers!).

We shall see Cardinal Burke again on January 31st where he will visit us at St. Francis de Sales just as he did last year!


At the altar!

I think I see another blogger on here.

Notice the Cappa Magna.

Blue Cassocks and Awesome Abbes!

9 thoughts on “Pontifical Solemn High Mass with His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke”

  1. Mea culpa! Would a rose by any other word smell as sweet? I have now made it obvious that I am a life-long St. Louisan. I still call that old building off of 40 The Checkerdome.

  2. What, this wasn't at the seminary? That explains the apparent low attendance by seminarians and faculty. It must have been disappointing for them not to be able to arrange transportation to this Pastoral Center.

  3. Dear Dulac99 – transportation from the Seminary to the Rigali Center if approximately 100 steps. Perhaps the Mass was during the day when the studens are in class and people are at work. I just thought though that it is a shame to fly the Cardinal from Rome for such a low attended Mass – or was he in St. Louis for a combination purpose? Who is the poor nun who has to pack that cappa Magna in his suitcase?Nice photos.V. Double

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