The Bells! The Bells!

Today the bells rang at St. Francis de Sales Oratory!!! Many thanks goes to Mr. Hat and Mr. Beard – you know who you are!


The beautiful peals of the bells of St. Francis de Sales kicked off our annual Summer at the Oratory.  Photos to come soon. Really soon. Like today or tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “The Bells! The Bells!”

    1. I was so happy to hear them! (As a parish bell ringer myself, it has a special significance to me.) Here’s hoping that we are blessed to hear them every weekend for Mass.

  1. It was magnificent. I think Mr. Beard has another name: Mr. Croissant. Maybe I can volunteer my boy to be “the hunchback of St. Francis de Sales” to keep those bells a ringin’! Of course knowing my son and how much he eats, he would be named the “lunch sack of St. Francis de Sales”.

  2. Mr. Hat has done an amazing job with all of the work he has put into the clock and bell tower. I know one day soon we will hear those bells ring again. In the mean time there may just be a job for the Hootiekin as lunch sack, I mean hunchback of SFDS.

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