Nesting, Mothercrab style

This week I have bought:
1 totally rockin’ La-z-boy rocker/recliner that has become my new best friend
1 car seat
1 car seat stroller attachment
1 pack of diapers
1 pack of wipes
1 bottle of Aveeno baby wash
2 pacifiers
Jane Austen’s Persuasion

I have washed:
10 onesies
5 sleeping gowns
8 footed outfits
24 diapers
5 diaper covers
2 co-sleeper bed sheets
1 sling
1 nursing cover
10 burp rags
6 blankets

I still need to find various parts in basement and put together:
1 Pack n Play that soothes baby to sleep and has the coolest changing table attached

I still need to buy:
1 diaper bag
1 swing (see below)

I cannot find in my basement:
1 swing (do you happen to have it?)

The swing looks like this minus a baby and in focus.

5 thoughts on “Nesting, Mothercrab style”

  1. Hey, I have a swing not being used….and put together…yay! You can use…the actual footprint is kinda big but it is an some little papazan chair seat that swings both ways. Call me if you want it, signed, the timman’s sister-in-law.

  2. That’s impressive. I’m excited for you but so glad I’m done with that part. I have tons of onsies and cute outfits, brand new, that my chunchy monkey couldn’t wear. Let me know if you need any!

    Mrs. Hall

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