3 thoughts on “Out of salsa?”

  1. Okay… I just totally laughed out loud. You guys have the best sense of humor. This goes in the same file as your son’s, “an oeuf’s an oeuf”.

    1. Thank you, Mary! My son has a lot of great (?) jokes that have to do with eggs…

      By the way, did you see we have 4 new chicks? Did you know that the 2 chickens we have came from your family? We got 4 of them a few years ago from the Z family. However, the heat and a stupid possum have brought our numbers down to 2, so it was time for some new ones!

      1. Wow – The (legacy?) lives on! We’re due for a new brood soon, too, thanks to an infestation of fox and just plain old age. Our ladies think eggs are jokes now, too. 🙂

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