– Weather Forecast

We are 20 degrees BELOW normal temps. I read the other day that trying to explain global warming to someone like me would be like trying to explain calculus to a 6 year old. Choice. I also read that the warm air is being pushed to the Arctic right now. Hmmm. Well, that explains everything. f of x anyone?

Have I mentioned that I hate lying?

Yesterday, 1/9/2010
High Temperature:
Actual: 15°F
Normal: 37°F
Record: 65°F

Low Temperature:
Actual: 0°F
Normal: 21°F
Record: -16°F

Liar McLiarsons

I cannot stand when people lie to me.

A lie has many facets to it, but the one that really digs at my craw is that when you lie to me you are telling me TO MY FACE that you think that I am stupid. And, funny enough, I’m not stupid, and I sure do know that you are lying to me.

So, it is this incessant lying that is making me just want to spit. It is EVERYWHERE! WHY do people find it necessary to lie? Why is it not considered a big deal?

I have come to a point in my life where I never lie. I may have to keep my mouth shut more often now than I used to or be more creative such as when someone asks, “Did you like the cake I made you?” “Oh, that sure was some cake!” I’d reply. Or, “That must have taken you quite some time to make!” I’m not saying I didn’t like the cake, I’m just not really answering the question…with a smile, of course.
UPDATE 1/12 My son accused me of lying when I changed my mind on something within the time frame of about 1 nanosecond. So, uh, is that really lying? If so, I misspoke when I said I never lie anymore. Or, rather, I lied.

9 degrees of separation

It is 9 degrees here and my Buff Orpington chickens are huddled in their coop. They are fortunate that they were born with their own down comforter otherwise I’m not so sure I wouldn’t be eating chicken for dinner tomorrow.
Chickens? Yes, it’s a representation of my foray into the world of living outside my comfort zone. Plus, it makes my life more interesting. They have actually proven to be excellent pets. I give them water, food, grit, straw, and an awesome coop and I get eggs in return. It isn’t exactly a zero sum solution – I’m in the red and they are definitely in the black (although today they might be in the blue with chattering beaks). But the eggs are delicious and it has been rewarding taking care of FOUR chickens. I just hope they survive this cold!