X-rays don’t lie

A friend of mine is out of town tipping beer cows, and his doctor, breaking all HIPAA laws, sent me some of my friend’s latest x-rays. Since I am not beholden to those laws I thought I would share one especially shocking x-ray of his stomach with you. Quelle horreur!

Only one?

The Civil Life

A friend of ours opened a new microbrewery in St. Louis called The Civil Life.  We visited it a bit ago and were impressed with how he transformed a warehouse into a lovely pub and brewery!

Now THAT’S a lot of beer. (The cow’s out back, I think)
The view from the upper level.
The view down into the bar area.
Upstairs. This looks like a good place for a party.
Little cubby areas.  The wood is exquisite here.
The growler you can bring home. This is their brown ale and it is delish.

Beer Bovine

Last week I had 2 people find my blog by typing “beer cow” into their Google search engine. The cool part is that these two thirsty milkers were from Canada and Hungary.

I am sure they were saddened that their search only brought them to this lousy excuse for a blog. I bet they were looking for the real thing – a real beer cow. Perhaps it’s not just some mythical magical creature after all.

She’s baaaaack!

I know some of my readers are familiar with my friend, Lady Modesty.  She had stopped blogging for a bit, but she is now in full force and ready to B-L-O-G!!!!

You should pop on over for a quick visit.  And, if you are sitting at home on a Friday night as I am, you obviously have nothing better to do.  Go visit her!

Or, you can drink some Sam Adams Octoberfest. He’s delicious.

We milked the beer cow today. Yum.


Urban Dictionary (I don’t recommend going there) defines beer cow as:

A technique used primarily in convenience stores where a person imitates a cow at the cash register when they don’t have enough cash to pay for what they’re buying.

I’ve never done this, surprisingly, but I’m assuming one person would be doing this to distract the cashier while the other leaves with the beer.  Or, the cashier would just think it was sooooooooo funny he would just give the beer to those hilarious drunks. 

Perhaps Timman (or the younger and not quite as famous TimBro) can do a test run of the latter part of this technique.  Ha ha.  Hoo hoo.  Hee.