1 Week from today…

…I am going on vacation. Today I went shopping with my eldest and helped out a bit at St Francis de Sales. A photo montage follows for your viewing enjoyment.

Abbé Alex's favorite saying! Barbie™ stole it!!
Abbé Alex’s favorite saying! Barbie™ stole it!!
The Purple Martin, 2 blocks from the Oratory, got some fence bling yesterday!
The Purple Martin, 2 blocks from the Oratory, got some fence bling yesterday!
Cranes, Planes and Automobiles. Life at the Oratory.
Cranes, Panes and Automobiles. Life at the Oratory.

Election Day!

One of the benefits of living close to St. Francis de Sales Oratory is that when I vote I run into people like this guy just after voting!

I am Abbe “Awesome” Alex and I’m here to vote!
Look at my fancy out of focus “I voted” sticker. It has the Arch on it!


(This story is pretty much for JJR):

I live in a close-knit neighborhood and I always see at least 10 people I know when I vote.  One of the women I saw today was JJR’s former landlady.  She saw me and said, “Oh, hi, Mothercrab! Are you pregnant? Ha ha ha ha!”  I told her no, but that I had just had a baby.  She about fell over laughing as she hadn’t known I was expecting.


Because God Told Me!

Yesterday I went to a city grocer with HP. This place is right across the street from St. Cronan’s and draws characters. There was a woman there who was obviously a bit “touched.” She told a woman who came in that her hair looked like Mr. T’s. Well, to be fair, this woman who came in with her 20 year old grandson WAS sporting a mohawk.

I picked up some Companion herb crostini to make a little bruschetta. This woman (not Mrs. T) came up to me and said, “Oh, is that garlic bread?” and I said, “No, it’s actually herb.” She replied, “Herb! I knew it was herb. You know how I know? Because God told me!”

So, if anyone has any questions they would like answered, just shoot me a comment and I’ll see what she says. She might just be there next Thursday, too.

Prayer works, don’t ‘cha know!

Dear friends, family and HP,

This is to inform you that my recovery period was officially over at 8:30 a.m. CST this morning.  What began as the worst birthday week ever is officially over!  No more doctors, hospitals, techs, nurses, things, etc!

I’d like to thank the academy all of my friends who have been so very supportive through prayer and meals in my time of need.  Now that I’m feeling better you will receive thank-you notes. Soon. Really soon. Like anytime. Really.

~Mother Crab~

It is time to drink this, now.  And, maybe at my birthday party that has been postponed for 2 months?

Preparations, cleaning and Mickey’s. Oh my!

 Life is happenin’ over at my beloved church.  Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Hey, Mrs. C, do you dream of blue cassocks?
Even when you’re awake????


What’s this doing here?


My “to-do”  list is so big it covers my face.
What a beautiful refectory!  I love it!
Now THAT’S a nice hallway!

If you put an altar in front of this mural you won’t notice a thing.


When we moved into our house the kitchen had already been redone.  The backsplash is white tile with the occasional macaroni.  Yes, I said Macaroni.  They are depictions of, for lack of a better word, fancy people from a time gone by.  I will highlight these from time to time so you can see how much they must have been on sale.

Our first is, appropriately enough, “The Original Macaroni.”  He is named “Tom Fool the First” which leads me to believe there were more.  His place of prominence is above our stove with a few others who are randomly placed.

Did he stick a feather in his cap?

So, for 12 years I have wondered about these tiles.  Any idea what that guy is? What he’s doing? What he’s holding??? Why he is on my kitchen wall???