Caption Time!

My puppy got a lot of brownie points today by just being really cute out in the snow. 

…and carry a big stick!

The children were adorable too, but I only took a photo of the dog.
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One Man’s Junk…

I love my neighbors.  I really do.

5 years ago when I only had 48 children they put up a new fence.  But THIS time they put in a gate between our two yards so my children could actually go into their yard and play on the hammock!  They named it the hammock gate, appropriately. I actually shed a little tear when they did this.  I mean, they obviously
liked us!  They really liked us!

They are also a little eccentric.  I have kids, they have a huge paper mache mule in their front hall. I have a playset, they have an outdoor fishpond.  I have chickens, they have bottle sculptures.

This bottle sculpture looked really pretty today with the snow so I snapped a photo. I wanted to get the pink flamingoes in there too, but they flew away.

Deja Vu

As I was going through my photos of heads, heads and more heads something clicked in MY head.  I  had seen these photos before!  So, a little search revealed my awesome skills from a little over 3 years ago.

(At the time) Archbishop Burke confirmed children, specifically, my daughter, at St. Francis de Sales.  It was November of 2007.

Archbishop Burke (now Cardinal Burke) processing in.

I wish I could take MORE pictures of heads with Archbishop (did I mention he’s now Cardinal?) Burke
as an almost shadowy figure in the background.

Oh, wait, I CAN do that.  More heads! Impressive!

Again, not a great photo.  I try, I try…

Canon Lenhardt, our former rector.

Canons Lenhardt and Avis with the star of the day!
Notice that I can take a good OUTSIDE shot?  Grrr.

So, there you have it.  Proof that I can take a lot of very bad photos INSIDE my church
of a man with the name of Burke.  That’s CARDINAL Burke.