New car search

Choice #1. Drives like a dream.
Choice #1. Drives like a dream.
Choice #2. I'm leaning towards this one.
Choice #2. I’m leaning towards this one.
One of 3 cranes at the Oratory today. I don't think it's stylish enough for me.
One of 3 cranes at the Oratory today. I don’t think it’s stylish enough for me.
You can NOT find these in new cars!!
You can NOT find these in new cars!!

Nesting, Mothercrab style

This week I have bought:
1 totally rockin’ La-z-boy rocker/recliner that has become my new best friend
1 car seat
1 car seat stroller attachment
1 pack of diapers
1 pack of wipes
1 bottle of Aveeno baby wash
2 pacifiers
Jane Austen’s Persuasion

I have washed:
10 onesies
5 sleeping gowns
8 footed outfits
24 diapers
5 diaper covers
2 co-sleeper bed sheets
1 sling
1 nursing cover
10 burp rags
6 blankets

I still need to find various parts in basement and put together:
1 Pack n Play that soothes baby to sleep and has the coolest changing table attached

I still need to buy:
1 diaper bag
1 swing (see below)

I cannot find in my basement:
1 swing (do you happen to have it?)

The swing looks like this minus a baby and in focus.

Friday Night Fun

Have you ever discovered something so yummy that you forego
 all of your crazy Friday night plans for it?
Me neither.
I mean, I didn’t have any plans. Again.
I have to go to Chicago if I want Friday night plans!
But, I DID find this delectable snack which went well with beer.

Oh how far I’ve fallen…

And now that it’s Saturday night, you will know where to find me.
Chances are I will be eating snack mix and having a beer.

Another one bites the dust.

I had been commenting (usually to myself) as of late how dusty my house was.  Granted, I could have cleaned more often, but it was seriously getting a little crazy.  I would dust and then a couple of hours later there was a fine film on the items I had just dusted!!  My house is 107 years old (I think that’s 265 in human years), so I blamed it on that.

Well, I was going to have very important people visit and I needed a clean house!!

Reason #92 for new vacuum.

Small problem: my vacuum was just not getting up the dog hair on our living room rug and I couldn’t understand why!  This vacuum was given to me 12 years ago by my cousin when we moved into our house.  She was going to throw it away but gave it to me instead.  What a dear.

It says on there “Full Edge Cleaning.”
It even lies like a rug!

I would bring it up to the creepy vacuum repair shop up the road and the creepy guy behind the creepy counter would replace belts, oil it and creepily say, “This is the greatest vacuum.  It should last you forever.”  I creepily believed him!

Electrical tape prevents death when vacuuming!

 So, we decided to get a new Bissell with an external canister that SHOWS THE DIRT, I MEAN FILTH, we have vacuumed up. If it weren’t annoying I would continue to shout in caps right now.  WOW.

I tested it on a 4×4 patch of rug in my living room and was absolutely amazed at the crud that began swirling in the canister.  It was a tornado of dog hair, crackers, who knows what else, and overall dirt!  I haven’t been that simultaneously disgusted and fascinated since the possum incident. 

Where do I start?

Needless to say I have been a vacuuming fool.  I started to build a pedestal for it, complete with candles, but stopped myself.  I thought that that might be a no-no…

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be vacuuming.

Goodbye disgusting old friend.


Let’s face it. Staying at home with the kids is always eventful but rarely exciting. I find myself falling into the I-would-never-buy-my-own-autobiography frame of mind more often than not. Yes, it is a sacrifice to raise children. Yes, it is noble. Yes, yes, yes. But it is certainly not very eventful.

So, at the moment I am trying to write this I have one child who needs a diaper change and the others are bouncing a huge ball, that I did not buy, about to break the few nice things I’ve allowed out of the china cabinet. THIS is the excitement in my life.

What is a mom to do? If you are a mom who stays home with your kids, what do YOU do to make your life more interesting? If you are the spouse of said mom, what does your wife do???

Inquiring minds really, really, really want to know.

Update: August 2010

Wow, can you tell I was in the middle of winter and COOPED up?  Life is better now.  Plus, I got no answers. Boo hoo for me.